We develop (or further develop) your brand and seamlessly integrate it into your website, online shop, and digital showcases.


Lets talk CI!

At chris and friends, we place a special emphasis on the „theoretical phase“ before we dive into the actual development of your brand and CI.

Our experienced team helps you understand and digitize your brand. Our workshops take place either in person, i.e., on-site, or digitally. Whatever works best for you.


Hands on!

Our team has already designed over 100 logos and brand images. Whether old-school hand-drawn or AI-generated, we have the skills and experience to develop your new CI and brand.

The Web3/Blockchain Conference in the capital. Station Berlin, with space for over 5,000 visitors.

National umbrella organization of choir and orchestra associations, with over 100,000 ensembles.

Talea Pflege GmbH. Berlin’s number one in the field of care and support.

MeldeHelden App. An app for documenting and tracking digital hate and violence on the internet. An app for all sports networks. The sports network for everyone.

Straßenbräu Berlin. Berlin’s first craft beer bar and brewery from Friedrichshain.

Bearbox: Personal Training Studios. Lifestyle, training plans, and coaching from Berlin.


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