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Agency founder, speaker, and web designer since 2004. As a creative mind and entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry experience, Chris knows the digital trends of tomorrow and implements them effectively for his clients today.

+ Chris once played for Germany and is active as an artist and musician in his free time.


Agency owner and early digital enthusiast. As captain on board since 2016, Markus leverages his experience from both the agency and corporate worlds for his clients. Markus is your first point of contact, aka the friendly voice on the other end of the line.

+ Markus has logged over 10,000 km of running distance and is a former captain at Berolina Mitte.


Head of Project Management, all-rounder, and MVP of the chris and friends team. Lisa has been a part of the chris and friends family since 2021, finds the right solution for absolutely every problem, and knows all clients by their first names.

+ Lisa reads over 100 books a year, speaks 4 languages, and spends more than 3 hours on the phone daily.


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